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For almost 30 years, Creative Technology Corporation of Japan has been a world leader in electrostatic chucking  and heater technology.

Drawing on our vast expertise, we have created “ataraina“, a new line of compact, lightweight and portable consumer lifestyle products that promote cleanliness and health.

We look forward to introducing new products to market that will better the lives of consumers.  Please contact us with any questions.

Our Products

Mobile Air Cleaner

Small, Lightweight Portable Air Cleaner

Using only static electricity, the Mobile Air Cleaner provides clean air wherever you go! The small, compact, and extremely lightweight design allows for convenient portability and it can be used almost anywhere.

The Mobile Air Cleaner is a powerful dust collector that removes pollen and PM2.5 and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be used for 5 hours on one charge!

Breathing clean air at the push of a button!

Flying Magic Cleaner

World’s First Flying Air Cleaner

The Flying Magic Cleaner is a lightweight, room air cleaning drone that collects dust and pollen while safely flying indoors. Using the airflow that is generated when it flies, the Flying Magic Cleaner cleans the air throughout the room.

Unfortunately, vacuum cleaners do not remove fine dust, pollen, and PM2.5 and floor type air cleaners only clean the air in a part of the room.

Clean the air throughout the room with the Flying Magic Cleaner!

Deodorant One

Deodorize and Disinfect your Shoes by Free-Radical Action

We have developed an original “radical sheet” that disinfects the inside of shoes. Deodorant One sterilizes the entire inside of your shoes by filling them with ozone generated by our radical sheets.

Deodorant One’s high deodorization and disinfection power is due to the mechanism that fills and keeps ozone limited to just the space of the show ensuring safe use.

Get rid of smelly odors!


Electrostatic Display Board

The ESCLIP is the next generation bulletin board. With ESCLIP there is no need for messy glue, tape, magnets, or pins anymore.

ESCLIP holds all your papers and materials by static electricity. You can stick and remove papers on the board quickly and effortlessly, and never damage them. The ESCLIP is perfect for home, office, and school.

Tidy your documents with ESCLIP!

Global Locations

ataraina maintains manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Japan, Taiwan, and the USA

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